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logotyp nfosigwlife 150x107pxThe Refrigerants LIFE Cycle project is co-financed by the European Commission under the LIFE + Financial Instrument

Project LIFE18 CCM/PL/001100 „The demonstrative installation for the separation of refrigerant mixtures” is co-financed by European Union under LIFE funding instrument.

Applicant and Coordinating Beneficiary is PROZON Foundation for Climate Protection.


Chemat Ltd.

EkoTez Ltd.

Project kicked off on 01 July 2019. It’s total value is 1 953 715 EUR, where 993 683 EUR (54,84%) is funded from LIFE program



Reduction of emission of fluorinated greenhouse effect gases to atmosphere from refrigeration and air-conditioning sector.
Due to ability to process refrigerant mixtures into standard value refrigerants using mentioned installation and re-launching them on EU market, demand for new refrigerants will decrease, whereby emission of F-gases will be reduced. Thanks to processing refrigerant in mentioned installation emission bound up with thermal utilization of refrigerant will be avoided. Project will be related to reducing purposeful emission, which occurs due to high costs of utilizing refrigerant, by taking refrigerant for process in the installation for free. It’s assumed that in the end of the project reduction of emission of HFC will be equal to 74 000 t/CO2/year



Building, testing and implementation of the demonstrative installation for the separation of refrigerant mixtures.
In order to meet the assumed main goal, its necessary to build, test and implement the demonstrative installation for the separation of refrigerant mixtures. Building installation in demonstrative scale allows to optimize parameters and clarify technology in the way enabling its market implementation and launch of distribution service.

Expansion of the refrigerant collection system.
Additional goal supporting maximization of project results is expansion of the refrigerant collection system, which is stock for process in mentioned installation. Thanks to creating collection point in Czech Republic and disseminating the service among entities in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in Poland and abroad, it will be possible to collect the amount of refrigerant up to 100 tons/year.

Increasing awareness in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry about environmental aspects of refrigerant management.
The goal is also to raise awareness among entities in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector regarding the proper management of refrigerant and the related environmental impact. This is an important aspect influencing decisions in this respect, therefore it is assumed that by the end of the project the number of entities transferring for processing will increase by 30% and will reach a minimum of 450.



Not only technology, but, above all, the environment!

Bearing in mind the threat of global warming and climate change, cooperation has been established with the LIFE project "Urban Wind"


Building society's ecological awareness

Increasing the group of project recipients

It will raise public awareness of ways to reduce fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere

Organization of joint environmental events