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logotyp nfosigwlife 150x107pxThe Refrigerants LIFE Cycle project is co-financed by the European Commission under the LIFE + Financial Instrument


1. LIFE-UrbanWind.PL


LIFE-UrbanWind.PL is a pilot installation of a compact generator set with the use of forced air flows in urban areas.

The Coordinating Beneficiary is the ECO FOR LIFE Ecology Support Foundation, which supports the development of technology, innovation, and also conducts integration activities to support all pro-ecological actions.

The common goal of the REFRIGERANTS LIFE CYCLE and LIFE-UrbanWind.PL projects is to disseminate good pro-environmental practices in industry and society.

Please visit the website of the LIFE-UrbanWind.PL project:





NATURAL HVACR 4 LIFE is a research initiative rooted in Daikin's 2050 environmental vision and co-funded by the European Union.

The project is run by Daikin Europe N.V in cooperation with Daikin Air Conditioning Germany GmbH and Daikin AC Spain S.A.

The common goal of the REFRIGERANTS LIFE CYCLE and NATURAL HVACR 4 LIFE projects is to promote environmentally friendly, innovative technical solutions in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, as well as market cooperation.

Please visit the NATURAL HVACR 4 LIFE project website: