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logotyp nfosigwlife 150x107pxThe Refrigerants LIFE Cycle project is co-financed by the European Commission under the LIFE program and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

As part of the project, we were obliged to prepare a mid-term report on the monitoring of economic and social indicators, and thus to examine how the implementation of the project affects the public awareness of the management of refrigerants. Thanks to this study, we not only got to know the level of public awareness, but also learned the main reasons why some refrigerants are not available for management.

While collecting the data for the report, a survey was conducted among specialists in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, which was compared with last year's survey. At the same time, the Beneficiary obtained data on the number of customers who provide the recovered factors for regeneration using the specialized IT system they have. Thanks to this study, it was possible to observe an increase in interest in the regeneration service, which shows that the marketing and awareness-raising activities of the Beneficiary have a positive effect.

On the basis of the report, we have prepared this fiche, in which you can read the examined aspects and the results. 😊

We encourage you to read. 👉 Flashcard

We invite everybody to visit PROZON the Foundation for Climate Protection stand, where:

  • Project highlights
  • Comprehensive separation of refrigerants as an innovative way to combat climate change
  • The new future of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry - learn more!
  • And much more!


Refrigerants LIFE

On August 19, 2020, a second meeting with the main recipients was held, attended by service technicians and supervisors of refrigeration and air conditioning installations.

Due to COVID19, the Project Coordinator made an online presentation.

After the meeting, the participants received questionnaires that will be used to optimize activities!  😊

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Recently, we have purchased 5 stations for flammable refrigerants and 250 cylinders for the recovery of refrigerants and 10 ton tanks 💪
This will allow us to safely recover from the installations all refrigerants used in Poland and provide space for their storage, where they will wait for processing in our installation🔌🔧🔩
👉 The fact that we can store refrigerants in tanks and cylinders translates into no emission to the environment, which reduces the greenhouse effect💥☀️
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Our project supports education! 😊

Today we had the opportunity to talk with a student of Postgraduate Studies in Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Biology at the University of Warsaw. We were able to share our experience and fill in the questionnaire that will be used to examine the facilitations and difficulties in preparing a LIFE application.

Ms Beata, thank you for contacting us and good luck!