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CHEMAT Ltd. has been on the market since 2012, while its history dates back to 2005, when the registered company CHEMAT was created. CHEMAT’s activities are a response to the growing demand of the food and chemical market for the supply of equipment and services, which currently constitute the company’s basic offer.

CHEMAT is the creator and supplier of technological thought reaching for the latest solutions and a producer of chemical apparatus devices. In its activities, it focuses on building new technological installations and modernizing existing facilities.

CHEMAT has the status of a Research and Development Center, granted by Decision No. 4 / CBR / 15 of April 2, 2015.


Ekotez was founded in February 1991. for the production of equipment for recovering refrigerants from repaired or decommissioned refrigeration equipment. The name EKOTEZ comes from the combination of the abbreviations EKOlogický TEchnické Zařízení (ecological technical equipment).

Ekotez has achieved considerable professional and commercial success in the field of handling refrigerants.

Many years of experience led the company to the forefront not only in the Czech Republic, but also worldwide. Ekotez currently offers products for handling refrigerants, dehumidifiers and products made to customer’s special order. In the scope of environmental protection, the company also collects and liquidates used refrigerants.

Ekotez is certified with the QMS (ISO 9001: 2009) and EMS (ISO 14001: 2005) standards. Ekotez is certified with the QMS (ISO 9001: 2009) and EMS (ISO 14001: 2005) standards. Ekotez is a certified company