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A – Preparatory actions:

The aim of the activities is to obtain the necessary investment permits. The scope of work includes sub-measures, such as developing a Green Purchasing Policy, obtaining a Decision on Environmental Conditions and obtaining agreements regarding the requirements of the Construction Law.

C – Implementation actions:

C 1 – Adaptation of infrastructure at the site of the demonstration installation:

The following activities are carried out within the above sub-action: obtaining a decision on waste processing, leasing an industrial hall and office space, adapting the space for installation, adapting the electrical installation, including building a new electrical switchboard, installing a refrigerant leakage control system, ventilation system, connecting utilities for sanitary equipment and utensils.

C 2 – Installation – cleaning process:

The aim of the action is to implement an installation for the reclamation and laboratory testing of refrigerant waste mixtures of transferred for management.

C 3 – Implementation of the installation for the separation of refrigerant waste mixtures:

The action covers the procurement of materials and equipment necessary for the construction of the installation, welding and assembly work, construction of the supporting structure, installation of control and measurement equipment, as well as the purchase and installation of gas heat pumps.

C 4 – Testing and validation of the demonstration installation:

The aim of the action is to conduct a series of tests, the results of which will be used to validate and optimize the operation of the installation in question.

C 5 – Extension of the refrigerant waste mixtures collection system:

The action includes the purchase of tanks and cylinders for the recovery of refrigerant waste mixtures, the expansion of the existing electronic storage system, the expansion and implementation of the refrigerant waste mixtures collection system in Poland, then in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany, as well as other EU countries. As part of this activity, a Report on the implementation of the refrigerant collection network in the Czech Republic will be prepared.

C 6 – Replication and technology transfer:

The action consists in developing a Replication and Transfer Plan, performing a market analysis, developing a Business Plan, as well as a License Package, which will enable technology replication.

D – Monitoring actions:

D 1 – Monitoring of the project’s impact on the environmental problem:

The aim of the action is to monitor the impact of project activities on the assumed environmental problem. As part of the task, the Baseline Report for monitoring of environmental effects was developed, and then it is planned to prepare a Mid-term and Final Report.

D 2 – Monitoring of the socio-economic impact of the project:

The aim of the action is to monitor the socio-economic impact of project activities. As part of the task, a Baseline Report of socio-economic indicators was developed, and then it is planned to prepare a Mid-term and Final Report.

E – Dissemination activities:

E 1 – Marketing activities aimed at the general public:

The aim of the activity is to conduct dissemination campaigns aimed at the general public. As part of the implementation of the action, sub-activities are carried out / will be carried out, such as: creating and maintaining a project website, preparing media campaigns, meetings and promotional materials, information meetings for the general public, as well as preparing the Layman’s Report.

E 2 – Trade fairs and conferences for stakeholders:

E2’s marketing activities are aimed at participating in fairs and organizing conferences for stakeholders. These activities include participation in trade fairs, participation in international fairs, as well as the organization of international conferences.

E 3 – Promotion and communication for stakeholders:

E3’s activities are promotion and communication for stakeholders. As part of this activity, promotional materials are prepared for the main target groups, as well as information meetings with stakeholders. Moreover, cooperation with other Life Networking projects is carried out.

F – Management activities:

F activities include project management. As part of these activities, a Project Management Team and a Steering Committee were established, and a Kick-off meeting was held in Brussels. These activities also include reporting to the European Commission and the preparation of an AFTER-LIFE Plan.