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  1. Reduction of HFC emissions by 74,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent / year

  2. Implementation and testing of an innovative prototype installation for the separation of refrigerants waste mixtures and optimization of its operating parameters

  3. Market implementation of the installation in Poland and introduction of the service of separating waste mixtures of refrigerants

  4. Extension of the refrigerant waste collection system – it is assumed that the project’s impact area will be extended to 11 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary)

  5. Geographic replication of installation to other EU countries – it is assumed that 2 similar installations will be built by 2024. The reduction of HFC emissions for these installations is estimated at 702,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent / year

  6. Increased environmental awareness in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry – the measure of the awareness will be the number of entities providing waste factors for management by the Applicant. It is assumed that by the end of the project it will be an increase of approx. 30% in relation to the base number of 340 entities transferring factors to the Beneficiary for management